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06:40 PM . 08 August 2012

It’s a bracelet!

It’s an USB-stick!

It’s a bracelet-USB!!

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09:55 PM . 06 August 2012

I think my bangs are too long.

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08:59 PM . 04 August 2012

I also got these cute owl-hairclips for just two Euro!!

It’s way too dark here, I’ll try to get a better picture later, but they’re adorable. 

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08:56 PM . 04 August 2012

this Spider-Man PEZ candy thing is the first completely unecessary thing I’ve bought myself in ages so I’m stupidly happy about it hjsdhk

it’s strawberry flavor!

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05:59 PM . 26 July 2012


Doctor only gave me something homeopathic against my tonsilitis and I might have to go there again tomorrow.

Except it’s way too hot to ever go outside again. It’s the apocalypse, I’m sure.

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01:21 AM . 03 June 2012


04:52 PM . 24 May 2012

My ear wouldn’t stop bleeding, what was I supposed to do?!?

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03:44 PM . 20 May 2012

and for the second time this week (and year) I’m off to the cinema!

Dark Shadows is it today aka the movie in which all my dreams come true

Johnny Depp as vampire

that’s all I ever wanted

thanks so much

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06:10 PM . 19 May 2012

Off to The Avengers in 3D, finally!!

I am so excited, man. 

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02:09 PM . 14 May 2012

Anime hair

I’m outie