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I want to swing

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Look at this kawaii motherfucker. 

asgdfjk flailing so hard. Look at how cute and perfect he looks!


Otherwise you just get

But yeah! Here’s more pictures of Nate being kawaii!

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So my friend pointed this out to me…



Can we just take a second

to appreciate

the fact that


has Loki’s horn motif


in his vambraces?

A sign to commemorate a fallen comrade/brother in arms/friend. If you notice in Lord of the Rings, Aragorn took Boromir’s vambraces after he died, and proceeded to wear them for the remainder of the series.


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Stephen Webster’s Seven Deadly Sins collection. This is so amazing. The above ring is Wrath.







… I need all of those in my life.

I have been saying I need more rings.

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Nordics -headcanon- sleeping habits


Norway: he stays still almost the whole night, but if the other moves too much, he won’t hesitate to push them off of the bed. Tends to steal pillows

Iceland: he’s the happy burrito, he rolls into one position and like his brother won’t move too much. Tends to steal the blankets and murmurs during sleep

Sweden: He fidgets until he finds a comfortable position, won’t move too much. But tends to roll and be clingy when sleep, all his brothers are good hugging pillows

Finland: He happily will take all available space. Light sleeper and tends to wake up several times.

Denmark: The hyper sleeper, tends to roll and move a lot to finally end up falling off of bed

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Deadpool Max


In order to print more adult oriented comics Marvel created an inprint: MAX. Despite some controversy (and an admonishment from Stan Lee) MAX has given some popular characters a very adult rewriting; Deadpool being one of them.

Because of a lack of scans I will give you more of an overview of the Deadpool MAX story to a point, but it will contain things you may want to read about including rape, child abuse, and child molestation.

Deadpool MAX (2010 - 2011) had 12 issues in its 1st volume and was canceled early leaving only 6 issues in the 2nd volume. The comic takes place in the world where superheroes don’t exist and the government and “free” market are in bed together and rely on secret acts of terrorism to control the mystique of peace in the world. Those agents who carry out the acts of terrorism, although that’s not how they would describe it, have to undergo unimaginable training that leaves them unstable and so when they finally go out into the world they must be kept on a leash by their handler.

In this world, Deadpool is the best at what he does and has the monstrous body and unstable mind to prove what he had to go through to become the best. Bob is his handler.

Bob’s childhood was relatively uneventful, aside from being molested by a priest, and has lived his life as a golden boy; privileged but hard-working, handsome but smart and industrious, and it all came crashing down once he became involved with another handler, Colleen. Colleen went AWOL after believing in the dissolution of her agent Cable, who believes he is from the future. Bob’s protecting Colleen sent him to government run prison where he was abandoned for years until given a second shot with Deadpool. If he makes any mistakes or cannot control Deadpool he will be eliminated or put back into prison.

The story itself begins after Bob was sent to infiltrate a dangerous group and ended up Theas a sex toy, routinely raped and beaten.

Deadpool makes a mess of things but eventually takes out the target and escapes with Bob. That should be a clean slate for them, but Bob, playing into Deadpool’s delusions in order to manipulate him into doing his job, admitted to being a former member of Hydra (a super evil terrorist organization which Deadpool has presumably created in his mind) and so Deadpool is constantly leery of how trustworthy Bob is.

Although most of the story is told through Bob’s voice Deadpool does occasionally take over and we learn more about his past; he was beaten by his father, molested by his mother, and left on his own from a very young age.

Taskmaster, a woman in the universe, first started shaping Deadpool into the vicious killer he became when she was his scout master and it is suggested that she may have been inappropriately sexual with him as well, although Deadpool desperately wanted Taskmaster to be his surrogate mother.

Deadpool gets romantically involved with an insane woman who constantly changes her name to those we know within the original Deadpool comics, such as Inez and Domino. The two of them get married and when she reveals that she is pregnant Deadpool runs away with her, overjoyed at the prospect of having a family of his own and the possibility of giving his son a loving and attentive father and mother.

Unfortunately, Inez had faked her pregnancy and gave Deadpool a toy baby doll which he obsessed over until he gave it back to her when she was taken in for rehabilitation.

This is about midway through the first volume and should give you a good idea of what the series is about. If it seems like something you’re into, I would highly suggest reading it. The whole series is for sale in three separate books and you can get them on Amazon pretty cheaply.

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Give-away time! Thank you for 150+ followers! uwu/ I love you all.

I was originally going to make a give-away at 100, but dunno what happened~ I know most of you are homestuck, but I’ve got a prize for my non-homestuck followers too uwu. Who doesn’t like CAPES? :D (Everything will be new! Cape/hood/horns will be made for you, so nothing I previously own)

Here’s what you can win:

Set 1
- One God tier Hood of your choice!
- One matching t-shirt from What Pumpkin!

Hood options:
- Canon or fanmade (If fanmade, not something complicated, I’m not that skilled in sewing)
- With or without fleece inside.(It will be matching, I didn’t have time to got to store for my John one, so I just used one I had)
- Max length 2 metres


Set 2
- One pair of troll horns on a hairband. No tavros, ancestors etc. Sorry but they’re to big and bulky to send, and I don’t know if I can make them! (They will be glossed, those in the picture are WIPs)
- One matching t-shirt from TopatoCo!


Set 3
- One superhero cape!
- One t-shirt from Superherostuff!

Cape options:
- one or two colours (It will be double layered anyway!)
- Flat end, sorry no tags this time.
- Colored edges
- No minimun length, max length 1.40 m - 1.50 metres (from neck and down)
- Closing options, choose between 1, 2(not recommended x3), 3 or 4.


- There will be 2 winners. You choose one set each (Both can choose the same if they want, no worry)
- Ask box need to be open in order for me to concact you! You have 5 days to answer.
- You DON’T have to be following me. (but it would be very nice of you uwu)
- Like once, reblog max 4 times. Total: 5 entries
- I will ship international! (Outside of europe can take longer time because of shipping cost)
- I will need time to make the cape/hood/horns. I’ve not been sewing for so long, so no too complicated stuff! (I will do my best, I’m very much of a perfectionist xD)
- No side blogs or give-away blogs.

Wow, this ended up long and looking not as I wanted.. Xd Anywaaay, have fun and good luck! uwu

Winners will be picked through a random number generator. ENDS 16 August, UTC+1 16:00

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Cable/Deadpool VS Spideypool


The more popular Spideypool becomes the more annoyed Cable/Deadpool fans seem to get; I’ve seen a lot of people complain that Spideypool fans don’t even know about Cable/Deadpool, so I want to rectify that.

Because this is a Spideypool blog this is going to be a quick introduction to the Cable/Deadpool ship with a Spideypool bonus at the end. If you are interested in this particular ship there are lots of great fanfic and fanart out there for you to enjoy.

Cable & Deadpool

Deadpool and Cable first meet in Deadpool’s debut in New Mutants #98, where Deadpool is hired to kill Cable. The two characters have run-ins off and on but the Cable/Deadpool ship really sets sail in their joint series: Cable & Deadpool.

“Cable & Deadpool” ran for 4 years and 50 issues and was created after the cancellation of each characters owned series, subsequently ending itself after Deadpool was picked up for another self-titled series. There isn’t much of an overall story but the series was comprised of 15 separate story arcs, one of which takes place in the Civil War event.

We know Deadpool, but who is Cable?

Cable, or “Nathan Christopher Charles Summers” (if that name sounds familiar it’s because his parents are Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor), was born in the “present” but sent to an apocalyptic future where he was raised. Because he contracted a techno-organic virus when he was young a portion of his body is made up of a techno-mesh and because he is from the future he spends most of his time trying to control events and people for a better future than he was raised in.

Now for the fun stuff

In the very first story arc Deadpool melts, Cable drinks him, throws him up, and their DNA meshes together;

It is because of this that when Cable teleports (through the technology of his Greymalkin) Deadpool teleports with him, so know how no matter how far away they are from each other they can immediately be in the same place. They call this move “bodyslide by two”

There is an undeniable romantic attraction Deadpool has toward Cable. At one point Deadpool is is forced to visualize his deepest, darkest desire and he sees himself rubbing lotion on Cable while at the beach.

It is in the Civil War story arc that the characters start to draw apart from each other and in many instances afterward refer to themselves as “divorced” Hell, even Marvel’s website describes their breakup as a divorce

Another very odd mention is after Cable dies (he does this off and on, but this ends the DNA mesh between them) where it’s pretty clear that the two have slept together

In the last issue of this series Cable is gone and Deadpool teams up with Spiderman

My opinion

I see Cable/Deadpool as a canon romantic relationship as far Marvel would allowed characters such as these to have a romantic relationship with each other (meaning they put enough clues in there so we all know what was going on between the pages); but as always, the romantic interest was all on Deadpool’s part, although the sexual interaction was mutual. Most of the series we see Cable running his own agenda and trying to manipulate Deadpool into being the man he thinks he should be, it is because of this that the relationship is too father–son oriented for me to ship but because I believe in their literal romantic relationship I interpreted it as Deadpool working on his daddy issues.

Deadpool and Spiderman meet for the first time within this series and in the very last issue they team up. This indicates to me at the end of Deadpool’s relationship with Cable is the beginning of his relationship with Spiderman. It seems most people think it can be either Cable/Deadpool or Spideypool but I think for both relationships to be a part of Deadpool’s history makes for great drama and speculation.

That’s my two cents, I encourage you to add your own.

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((also thank you, I’m glad you like my art! ;v; <3))

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or That Time Hussie Parodied His Fans the Right Way

I want to just take a moment to talk about parody, guys - specifically, affectionate parodies of your fanbase.  And how Hussie did it right, whereas another series that had snapped its fourth wall- Supernatural - did it wrong.

The person in the picture on the right is Becky.  Becky was a character introduced in Supernatural at the beginning of season 5.  She is a huge fan of the in-series books about the Winchesters - she writes fanfiction and runs fan pages and does all sorts of the things we associate with fandom.  She’s called upon to help the Winchesters out.

Soon she comes back in an episode where the Winchesters have to attend a convention for the book series that’s about their lives; at this point she meets Chuck, the in-series author of the books, and starts dating him.  By the end of the season she’s gone and we find out ‘it didn’t work out’.

Becky is the only female fan we see despite there being an episode presented as occurring at a convention (bearing in mind that the majority of Supernatural fans are female, this is pretty denigrating), so she is called on to represent all of female fandom - and she is presented as air-headed and idiotic.  She is barely reliable and barely to be tolerated.  She is presented as being only in everything for the sex and is a rabid Wincest fan (which not unexpectedly grosses out the characters involved, but still, did you have to do that, Kripke?  Really?).  When she disappears because things ‘didn’t work out’ between her and the in-series author, we can only draw the conclusion she’s meant to be illustrative of the creator’s feelings about his fandom.

Becky gave me massive second-hand embarrassment.  Becky upset me despite my best efforts to like her.  She wasn’t completely awful but her most prominent traits were her most obnoxious ones.

(On a side note, the entire convention episode was equally embarrassing.  The male fans were almost as bad as Becky, but at least a couple of them got to save the day.)

Then we have Calliope.

Calliope is also a creation by the author to parody his fanbase.  She cosplays, she spends all her free time drawing and writing and analyzing her favorite ‘characters’, she reads too much into everything.  She sees herself as ugly and unlovable, but is drawn with a lovable smile and cute eyes.

She is also extremely integral to the story in ways we don’t know yet, but she isimportant.  She’s not presented as incompetent, but helpful.  She may turn out to be horribly wrong about everything but she was trying.

I love Calliope.  She is absolutely adorable to me.  She makes me feel warm and acknowledged - she is a parody and yes, Hussie is making fun of our tendency to read into every little thing and go nuts creating art and do all sorts of fun stuff like that - but I don’t feel insulted.  I feel like I’ve received a nod and an amused, knowing smile.

This is the difference between parody and affectionate parody.

one makes you feel kind of terrible about who you are.

the other makes you feel pretty damn good.

vikki knows how to talk about things that i can’t but wow yes this forever

fuck my blog-type. This can’t not be reblogged. Because holy f-ck. YES.

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